High Speed Fiber Optic Internet – What About It ?

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Fiber Optics are a network cabling technology which make use of transparent fibers to convey data as light signals. Total internal reflection will be used inside those fibers. This is a physical phenomena of light that will bounce off the interior wall of the fiber’s core when the angle of the light striking the core’s surface will exceed a given angle. So the light signals are sent over large distances using those optical fibers. Some basic premises that helped shape the fiber optics physics did happen as far back as 1840s, but it was not until past 1950 that real progress was made to develop the modern use of this technology. Here high speed fiber internet access you will get lots of info about high speed fiber Internet service.

At the different of normal wired communication, the fiber optics technology will send and receive the data at the speed of light. Such technology enables users to send and receive large amount of data very quickly. Regular kind of communication, wired one, will have to deal with the wires resistance, and that’s pretty high. So a large amount of time will be needed for all those data to be transferred across the wired network. However, fiber optic data connections allow almost unlimited data speeds. Check here high speed rural internet to read more about rural Internet providers, and here broadband wireless service about broadband wireless Internet.

With the advent of a highly content-based Internet, faster broadband Internet connections are becoming the requirement of many Internet users. Lots of computer’s users will like to watch streaming movies online, to download movies and music files besides any other kind of content they will find. These kind of content require that the users have access to faster Internet connections than the ADSL and satellite connections they’re using today.

So let’s talk about fiber optics. Many ISP providers will offer ultra-fast Internet connections to their customers via fiber optics Internet using fiber cables. Such fiber optic connections will give the computer’s user a great Internet experience full of content-rich possibilities. But even such connection has some drawbacks. The first thing you should know is that the fiber optic is an expensive product. So are the converters being used to convert those light signals into electrical ones (and vice versa).

In addition, there is the problem of the light signal becoming damaged over distance. But lots of research is being done in order to solve such problems. With the successful conclusion of a series of tests by web giant Google, the future looks bright for high-speed Internet with the use of fiber optics.


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