How Computer Programs That Wipe Hard Drive Work

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It might be an advocacy but usually, companies that dispose old computers when they buy new units frequently donate the equipment to institutions and to some people who need personal computers. This is a generally acceptable practice. But are you prepared to give a lot more than the worth of the personal computer you’re donating? You may not be totally conscious of it but when you are giving your old personal computer to other people, you are also giving the recipient the opportunity to access your old files and information saved previously on the hard disk.

Even when you’ve removed the files in the Windows operating system and in the Recycle Bin, there would always be remnants of the deleted file somewhere within the hard drive of the computer. The simple process of deletion would only delete the shortcuts to the files. In fact, the files are still there, although you might barely trace them. But imagine if, in the long process of donating, the personal computer goes to the possession of an expert who could be able to restore and retrieve the deleted files. You will find many recovery and restoration software offered in the market that could facilitate instant retrieval of deleted files.

Will you be willing to afford to lose sensitive information like trade secrets, personal information, confidential data, bank and credit account numbers and contact details of clients? Even more, will you be willing to take the risk of sharing such important and confidential information to some unscrupulous individuals who may use the data inappropriately, maliciously and fraudulently? If not, then, it’s about time you wipe hard drive of your computer.

Disk wiping is the process of erasing saved data on storage devices such as compact discs, thumb drives and hard drives. When you wipe hard drive, you’re ensuring that all previously deleted files on the personal computer would never be recovered or accessed even with using the most powerful data recovery software. Wiping hard drive is really working by overwriting the whole hard drive not only once but several times. Thus, you can rest assured that no data or file would ever stay in the computer memory for life. To put it simply, it’s not possible to retrieve data which have already been overwritten. The process is irreversible.

How does the process work? When you wipe hard drive, the process generally overwrites the entire disk with zero or one. A reformat would follow. The overwriting process assumes and repeats itself several times, solidifying the security purpose. That is the reason why such computer programs generally take some time to complete. When you wipe hard drive, you are virtually disk wiping applications by overwriting master boot record, the partition table and each sector present in the computer hard drive.

When you wipe a hard drive, you are ensuring the safety and confidentiality of all files that had been saved and afterwards deleted from the computer memory. Such pertinent data and information would never be accessed by anyone, especially the unauthorized ones.

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