How do fully managed and self-managed servers differ?

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 You have two different “flavours” of dedicated server depending on how much responsibility you wish to bear on running it.A fully managed server is where you get limited access, whereas a unmanaged one is where you get unrestricted control. 

So then a fully managed server would be aimed that someone may be inexperienced, or does not wish to be burdened with the hassle of having to manage and maintain every aspect of their server. In order to control your server, you will normally get some form of control panel to allow for monitoring.  

 What does the server host do for you?  

What can you expect a provider of dedicated servers to help you with?  With it being managed they will most things within reason for you, and will perform the install and setup of the software and software you request.   Maintenance and hardware issues would normally be monitored and addressed as needed.  You should find that you will not be limited to the amount of support time you have, but if you are using an unfair amount you may be charged or limited.

 Unmanaged servers, you have to know how to maintain and run your server,   well what I mean by maintaining your server is keeping things secure, with software being kept up to date.  Plus all the other daily or weekly tasks you need to perform. You would be given full and unrestricted root or remote desktop access to your server to do anything you wish with, to within reason of course. 

 What will the server company do?  

 The server host would still be responsible for the hardware of your server, but they might not have any monitoring software installed, so any issues you notice you would need to report to avoid an problems.  Like a managed service they will install the operating system of your choice, but this is where they then stop support.  You can request support but you don’t get much time per month normally.  Means if you really manage to break your server it could cost a fair amount to sort out, or just get a reinstall performed. Why not consult an expert in dedicated servers like Melbourne?

 You might also find a third option with is a part or semi managed server, you would get more access but not unrestricted,  you would get more support time than an unmanaged server but not unlimited amounts. So this can work as a great stepping stone from moving from a managed service to an unmanaged service without the big scary thoughts that you might cause yourself a whole lot of grief if you inadvertently broke something.


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