How Speed of Action Determines Business Success

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Whether you’re choosing what to say to your target market or deciding which marketing tool to use, how quickly you move ahead will determine how successful you are. Working with so many dentists in dental marketing, I have found that the active practice owner who tries different ways of marketing one after another rapidly while his competitors are pondering for several months on which marketing method to use usually gets the lion share of his market share in his area. And I have not seen an exception to that rule!

 Mr. Bill Gates has a book published that was called ‘Business @ the Speed of Thought”.

 No matter what you do in life, speed is of the essence.

 “Be first to the market” is all about speed.

  Karate fighters must be quick or they lose.  Quickness of action is not only important in karate, but in life as well.  Slow bullets just bounce off their targets.  They do no damage whatsoever.  However, a speeding bullet can penetrate a steel wall and kill anyone in its way.  Curiously, some business owners have the wait and see attitude.  Particularly during hard economic times, they just want to wait and see how things will turn out.

 Yet, again this is where the speedy are raking up market share, after all, the competition is sleeping. The competition is waiting and is very slow to do anything. Thus the speedy business owner, just like the speedy karate fighter, has an easier time to win.

  Don’t forget that a quick punch is a lot harder than a slow punch.  Being quick to act is necessary in business and it is crucial for success.  Why do you think leaders are called leaders?  Is it because they wait and see what ideas will work for others?  Not even close.  Those business owners who wait and see how a new machine will work or 

 “Things come to the one who waits” is a true statement, but the only things coming to this guy will be the things left over by the leader and the fast.

 Some people think a whole life time about cruising the world others just do it.

 Winning and making money is fun, but don’t think it can be done slowly. Your life is not long enough to waste it on waiting and watching.

 What is the fastest way to get lots of new customers despite a slow economy?

 Answer: Get other people and/or businesses to market your name to their customers, associates and members without paying any advertising money for it! We call this Un-Advertising. Whether you are a small business owner or a dentist trying to get the best dental practice management results, you must set up your marketing in a way that OTHER ENTITIES can market for you!


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