How to be a Smart PC/Mobile User

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Almost without a real notice by most Americans, we have become a nation that is extremely dependent on intelligent devices – from PCs, to Portable Storage, Notebook Computers, and Smart Phones.  Most of us are also regularly exposed to convenience access – like Wi-Fi Networks – which make us amazingly exposed to data and security loss.  Since what we all want and cherish is our freedom – and that means both technology-assisted access to the world but with an appropriate level of security. 

The good news is that this is not a pipe dream – it is readily obtainable.  For you to enjoy the convenience and of these technology-assisted devices to access the world at large – and do so without compromising data loss or security exposure requires you to become a Smart PC/Mobile User.   That is the subject of this article – ways to easily increase your safety and levels of security of our private and financial data while still using casually available access to the world. 

You should focus initially on physical security.   We often are shocked when we see the victims of identity theft or data loss acknowledge that, indeed, they had no physical security on the portable devices.   We are talking about basic access control via user password.   Just having a password as a prerequisite to accessing your Notebook or Smart Phone eliminates an ocean of exposure if you walk away from a coffee shop and your phone is still there.

Second, become a Smart Mobile user of Wi-Fi sites like libraries and coffee shops – known to be haunted by hackers in cars who will snatch your email address and password with amazing ease.   This means NEVER using a public access email platform – like Yahoo! or Google without the necessary platform controls (now provided by default in Yahoo and Google) and any other public access site.

Eliminate your use of auto-login access to any secure or financial site.   We all enjoy the benefits of this type of convenience but it is simply not worth the risk – only any platform and on any site.

Finally, be sure that all devices have the maximum level of software and access security available.  PC’s and Notebooks should have virus protection and regularly-updated system registry.  Commercially available registry software will allow you to perform the necessary registry fix operations and you can achieve the necessary Registry Repair.

Just this level of self-managed cautionary use of portable technology devices will greatly enhance both your security and peace of mind.


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