How to do a Windows Registry Repair

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If you are having performance problems with your PC and are considering buying a new PC, you should consider another possible source of the problem.   You may be experiencing problems with your Windows System Registry.  If the Registry is corrupted – meaning there are either duplicate, truncated, or erroneous links and values in your Registry, this may be the source of your problems.  It can cause slow performance, extended launch-time and even system lock-ups, so you’re going to have to do a registry repair

Your System Registry is the master file of all the parameters and codes that Windows uses to run all your programs.   It contains, for example, the name of the launch file, its address or folder, and any parameters that this application uses during its execution.  If there are any data corruptions with these values – called Keys, or if it’s damaged or duplicated, this can cause a slowing process while Windows verifies which set of data is correct or newer.

It was not originally intended to do all it now does – nor was it set up with sufficient security. Again, to do an adequate job to fix registry you will need the necessary quality registry software.

Microsoft does not supply any type of utility process or program which will clean registry and reorganize the values and keys on this file. Therefore, it’s up to the user to do it or arrange to have it done. If you are a techie you can find instructions on the net to do this. ~ If you are a technical person, there are printed articles that describe in technical detail exactly what to do, what to look for, and how to delete or update invalid data entries.}  Since most people are not technical, a windows cleaner software utility is the next best alternative.

First, get a registry backup utility and back up your registry.   Secondly, get a quality Windows System Registry Software system – like RegistryEasy – to perform the Registry repair. Do not attempt to do a registry repair with a cheap or freeware product – this could result in your system being in even worse shape.

After you run the Registry Scan – which all registry software maintenance programs perform for you – you will know the extent of your registry issues and how serious your fix registry condition is.  Then use the maintenance or Update function in your registry software tool and perform the necessary functions to repair, delete and re-create/install needed but damaged entries in your registry.  Finally, perform the Backup function once again and be sure to store the backup file copy of your system registry where you can find it again.


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