How to Drive Targeted Traffic with Social Bookmarking

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Whether you need backlinks, fast indexing, or traffic – social bookmarking is the magic resource you can use for that. This resource and tool has been steadily gaining ground for several years and is still growing strong. If you’re just starting out and are not taking advantage of all they can do, then you may want to pay attention. We’ll move forward to cover some tips and ideas for realizing their power in your own business, today.

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Make your site ‘social marketing’ friendly, that is to say make it easy to bookmark your site. This simply means you should give them various options to make this job easier. This is easy to do with WordPress plugins, or you can easily find widgets for muliple bookmarking sites. You can easily place your bookmarking widget at the top or bottom of your content. The ease of bookmarking is part of the reason it has become so popular. People can be lazy, so they usually will not bother to do it manually. If you can provide a fast and easy method to bookmark, then it will help tremendously. Don’t submit anything to social bookmarking sites before you’ve spellchecked it and proofread it for typos and other errors. Having any such errors will spoil your reputation and make visitors leave your site. It makes you look sloppy and careless. You want to choose the right topic, so give this some thought before you write anything. If enough people are not interested in a topic, it won’t even matter if you write great content about it. That’s why you should keep up with which topics are currently popular on the site you’re writing for. It’s also important to keep your own site full of relevant content, as traffic from bookmarking sites only lasts for so long. You don’t want to have people come to your site only once, so give them a reason to return by posting articles related to the one that you submitted. It will also make visitors curious about your site and give them a reason to explore it further.

A new course is causing quite a buzz in the Internet Marketing community and you can find more information about this on the 11 forgotten laws showcase.

And just remember that this is a process that will not happen overnight. But you should make the effort to try to entice people to your site. You can do this by offering a chance to subscribe to your email newsletter or seminar, register an account in your website or forum, pledge membership, subscribe to your RSS feed, or participate in your affiliate marketing program. In fact, you should best remember that just as any traffic is good traffic, any involvement in their part is good as well.

You can get visibility and targeted traffic to your websites with social bookmarking. One of the keys to success with this is having high quality content. It’s the higher quality and degree of interest and helpfulness that will help you the most. Of course there are other things to consider, but how well your articles help others and how relevant they are will have the greatest impact. Using these sites will require time and effort to gain the maximum effect, but you can get highly targeted traffic by using them.


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