How to establish if search engine marketing is suitable for your company

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The only time to even consider this question is if you wish your website to deliver sales or interest from clients who do not know you and are looking for your goods or services over the internet. If your website is just an information service for existing customers then the answer is already a straight forward no, you require no Online Marketing

If you do want your website to work that way then you must establish if you need optimization, or if your site is good enough in that arena already. The best place to start your investigations~study~research} is with your competitors and their listing, compared to you, on the internet search engine results page.

Choose your typical internet search engine, think about your industry and come up with a few quite general words or phrases that describe loosely what products or services you deliver. Then put these into the search engine one at a time and note which of your competitors are in general listed on that first page of results. Also look down each page in turn until you find your own website details ( if this does not happen after the first 10 pages of results you can stop searching!).

At this stage you will be able to gage if your position is a lot lower that the competitors or not. If not, and you are listed up there on page 1 of the results then either you have a quite specific service, virtually no competitors or your site is already optimized to the correct level. Do double check at this stage that you have not selected a very specific keyword or phrase for your trial as this will skew results dramatically and give you a guarantee good Search Engine Placement!

If you have located your website way down the listings, or indeed you have not located your site at all in the first 10 pages then some online promotion in the form of search engine optimization may be worth doing. 

There are professional organizations out there who will help you to advance your positioning in the search results and this is important for a decent amount of business. All the firms currently sitting on page one of the search results will draw the attention of at least 85% of the searching customers and as long as that they do actually offer what their potential customer wants they will almost definitely get the business. The client will certainly not be ploughing through page after page of search results when his requirement is right there on page one.

The Search Engine Optimization Company can ensure that your positioning improves over the period of a month or two and the benefits should then make themselves plain.



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