How To Improve Through Your SEO Training

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Just by having a website is not enough if you do not have a goal for it. If you are an internet marketer who are just starting out and you intend to monetize your website, you should know by now that you need to dominate the search results for the keywords that you are targeting. And the only way to achieve this is by putting into good use the search engine optimization or seo. But since you are still new to this craft or science whichever you prefer to call it, it is best that you go through an seo training, whether for a free or a paid course.

Do you have to attend seo workshops just to learn the best ways on how to do search engine optimization? The answer is not really but of course it depends on your preference. Some people learn much better in a classroom environment where they can bounce off their ideas and questions from other people in the same room. There are also those who strive better when they learn on their own and at their own phase. So it will be better if you first assess your capabilities and not just your capacity to pay for even the most expensive seo training course for various seo techniques currently available.

For you to understand how search engine optimization or seo actually works is to apply it in real life and not just to read and memorize all the seo theories that you are feeding your mind. Because there must come a time when you have to stop the actual learning process and for you to start the practical application of seo. This is the only way that you can effectively see for yourself and gauge if what you have been told about seo is for real or if it is just all conjectures. After all you need to see the facts before you can determine if it is the truth.

Do not be afraid to experiment. But there is a catch to this. You must also make sure that what you will be doing is considered white hat. What it means is that you are not going to do things that are deemed unfair, unjust, sneaky and even illegal in the eyes of the search engines and of your fellow internet marketers. To do this you should read on what the top seo experts, like David Jenyns for example, have been advocating through all these years and stick to their suggestions. Especially if you are new to this field, it is still to your greatest advantage that you stick with the basics first before you decide to become a little bit more adventurous with your seo strategies.

But should you only stick to white hat seo? As much as possible, yes, especially if you are still learning the basics of seo. However, if you are comfortable enough to say that you have finally mastered the basics, then it is quite normal that you will be branching out from it and doing other seo methods that may not be deem very acceptable. This is called gray hat seo and even seo experts have been debating whether these practices are actually good or bad. You can experiment outside of what is the norm, provided that you know how to get around it and that the majority of your seo strategies are still white hat. Just do not resort to spamming other people’s websites.

Your seo education should be continuous because the algorithms of the search engines are also continuously changing. Every year there are about at least a dozen changes, most are not announced and just felt or observed by most seo experts. So go on and keep on watching your seo training DVDs, reading your seo blogs and websites, and having dialogues with other internet marketers to improve your seo knowledge.


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