How To Improve Your Page Ranking

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Any person who hosts a website knows the importance of SEO to drive traffic, and customers, to the site.  The challenge is that SEO is a forever moving and evolving target.  As search engines, and site owners, become more and more sophisticated, the SEO standards, algorithms and triggers continuously change.  With that said, there are some fundamentals which will improve web page ranking for any site.

1.  One of the most, if not the most, essential components related to establishing a great search engine rating involves creating as many high-quality, related, one way hyperlinks to your site as you can.  Search engines put a substantial value on how many inlinks there are to a site simply because many inbound links imply the relative importance of a site.  In recent years however search engines have become smart to the common practice of “If you link to my website, I’ll hyperlink to your site.” reciprocal linking, when the sites typically had no pertinent or topical bearing to one another.  Right now the most efficient linking method would seem to be unidirectional linking or 3-way linking, in which Site A hyperlinks to Site B, Site B hyperlinks to Site C, and Site C hyperlinks to Site A.  In this strategy search engines can not detect any reciprocal linking arrangement and it is assumed the sites being linked to are related and important.  A different way to get related inbound hyperlinks is via blogs, social media and video websites, or article distribution websites.

2.  Another imporant aspect for SEO is of course, a good amount of, distinctive, changing and related content on your website.  The more distinctive applicable content on your website, the better.  One comparatively old website created in 2002, that retails log furniture improved its page rating appreciably (from web page 4 to #3 on web page 1) in less than a twelve months by tripling the number of pages and pertinent written content.

3.  Age of the site also plays a role in the notion of importance to a search engine.  All else being equal, an older site can be perceived as more important than a younger website.  An instance is a new website for antler lighting which was launched less than a twelve months ago.  This website actually has much more applicable articles and more inlinks than contending sites, but it ranks lower on primary key phrases.  Even so, as the site ages, and with ongoing SEO optimization, it is steadily improving.

4.  In addition to inlinks, distinctive content, and age, there are some key on-page best practices that can enhance the SEO ranking of websites.  These on-page components include creating unique and appropriate tags for web page title, meta description, search phrases, and hyperlinks to various webpages inside of the website.  A good illustration of intra-site hyperlinking can be seen on the main web page of this site which sells rustic furniture. It has more than 15 hyperlinks to other webpages inside of the website on the home page alone. 


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