How to know when its time to replace your laptop’s cooling fan.

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Most of our laptop CPU cooling fans fail due to overheating. Lack of ventilation and limited space causes heat to build up quickly inside the laptop. The most important function of the laptop CPU cooling fan is to keep the CPU cool by blowing out hot air produced by hard drive and other internal components. This hot air is blown out by the laptop fan through a vent i.e. is built inside the laptop house. The primary reasons for heat building up inside the laptop is the efficiency of its design, the use of technology in its construction and the frequency and voltage at which it operates.

Cooling in laptops can be affected by factors like dust which act as thermal insulators, poor airflow that could be due to improper orientation of the fan or poor heat transfer due to poor application of thermal compounds. Thermal sensors in CPUs in laptops shut down the system whenever higher temperatures are detected. In long run, the Laptop CPU cooling could need replacement if it stops functioning.

You can search online for a replacement cooling fan or your local computer shop may have some in stock.  If you are computer saavy you might just be able to replace it yourself and avoid the labor charged from a service center.  You can also look online and find some tips and advice for replacing the fan from blogs or experts in the field.  When purchasing your laptop’s cooling fan, make sure you are getting a warranty along with it.  If the part you are purchasing is used, be sure to verify it is fully tested at the various RPM’s at which these fans operate in.

To purchase a new laptop CPU cooling fan, you can begin to hunt online on search engines like Google or Yahoo, where you will across various vendors who offer Dell laptop parts or other brand Laptop CPU cooling fans at low-priced rates. You can pick out your choice of vendor and pick the laptop fan that fits well with your laptop. If you are unable to figure out what laptop fan is suitable for your laptop, you can consult the vendor or call your laptop’s manufacturer. You can also buy a laptop CPU cooling fan from online auction sites like eBay and amazon that provide products a lesser prices.

If you decide to purchase the new laptop CPU cooling fan from a vendor online, make sure you compare the prices with other vendors as well as in the market. To be sure of the genuineness of the product, you’d need to trust the vendor and his reputation. Instead of going to the service center and getting it repaired, you can easily purchase the product online. Although purchasing a new laptop CPU cooling fan online will definitely cost you less but will you have to be a little patient while it is shipped to you.


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