How To Obtain A Professional Article Submission Service

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I am a web geek from the United Kingdom and I have around twenty websites. For the last five or six years I have been writing articles to promote my many websites and the results have been excellent. It is important to manage your time in the most efficient manner and this is why I like to outsource some of the more mundane tasks such as the submission of the article.

I am often asked whether article marketing has worked for me. There is a very quick and simple answer to this question – I would not be still doing it if it did not work! In reality I am quite a friendly and sociable person and I would therefore expand some what on this answer. There are many benefits to article marketing and there have been many articles written about these benefits therefore I will not bore you with them once again – for me I have to confess it is all about the one-way links that they generate.

From time to time the amount of work that I have just becomes too much and when this happens I like to hire an SEO consultant who can submit my articles for me – this is what he refers to as his “article submission services“. He also offers his own link building service which I have also been tempted to use as he certainly seems to know what he is doing.

It was however quite a choir to find the right SEO company to take on this task and the above person is actually the third person who has taken on the role (the first two were completely useless). To find a suitable article submission service remember to:

1. Speak to the person who is offering the service (many are in Asia and do not want to speak with you – avoid these people at all cost)

2. Speak with some of the clients of the company that is offering the manual article submission services

These are very important and are what I did not do when hiring the first two dodgy characters.



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