How To Recover Data Using Scanpst.exe

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With each MS Windows installation, you will get a file called Scanpst.exe installed alongside. Windows will install this file (scanpst.exe) with the attribute “hidden”, so you won’t remove it accidentally. Outlook is one of the most known email client. It is from Microsoft and it does happen that its database files (ending with .pst) will have some problems. This file (scanpst) is the one behind all of functions offered by the MS Inbox Repair Tool. This program is the main one to analyze and fix any problems related to Outlook. The following site pst repair has all the infos needed about repairing PST file.

Most of the time, damages done to those files (PST and OST) will result in more damages to folders and data normally used by Outlook. When you want to recover files, folders, or diagnose and repair problems with the Inbox Repair Tool (or scanpst.exe), you should first run it. In order to have access to Scanpst.exe, it is required to make sure that hidden files and folders are visible on your computer, for the reason that Scanpst.exe is a hidden file present by the default Windows operating system install. You will find here how to repair corrupt pst file more infos about repairing damaged pst file while this website recover pst file has infos about recovering corrupt pst file.

In order to locate Scanpst.exe, PC users can either use Find or Search (depending on the version of Window that they are running) or attempt to manually locate the file. This file is usually found on C:Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOFFICE12 . Take into account that the drive (c:) vary from one configuration to the other.

Once Scanpst.exe has been located, it is required to double click the file in order to execute it. Click the browse button, after scanpst.exe has started running, you will be able then to find the pst file. Once you did find the pst file with the Browse option from Scanpst.exe, you have to click on Start to start the diagnose process. It will report any errors found. In order to complete the procedure, then click ok.

You will be able to use Outlook normally after having used the program (scanpst) to find and fix any problems within the PST or OST files. In the default folder list, it is possible that certain recovered folders will now be visible in the “Lost and Found” section. Keep in mind that any files or folders not found in that section are simply not repairable by this program.

For a more advanced attempt at recovering data which may be beyond the capabilities of Scanpst.exe, it is recommended to use Stellar Outlook PST Repair, a professional PST based data recovery product.


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