How To Select Between Windows And Linux Web Hosting Packages

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One of the challenges in making decisions on issues that relate to technology is having too much information. There is an abundance of myths and irrelevant information which does not help anyone. This is the same even when looking at operating systems for web hosting. You should always use the same operating system for your web hosting and your computer is one such myth. This is a lie and is an example of falsehoods that abound on such issues.

Those who are for Linux have their reasons why they consider it the best while Windows too has its followers. There are advantages of using either and situations where it is less suited. We shall try and do an impartial assessment of these two and try to establish where to apply either of these and why. The choice is especially difficult for those who are looking for business web hosting because their decision will not only have an impact as a cost but it will also have revenue implications. Need should be the guiding factor here, similar to all other resources. Your decision will be greatly influenced by the kind of website you are looking to host. Linux hosting will be best suited for those looking to host a small, basic and static website that is non commercial. The main consideration here is cost. Interestingly Linux is also the preferred choice for websites that are on the extreme opposite end which have high traffic volumes and running many processes. Linux is however more suited for advanced users or where the hosting is to be provided by managed dedicated server hosting.

Windows hosting is especially attractive to beginners. The main reason is that it has a very user friendly interface. Microsoft products are readily integrated when using Windows servers. On the downside however, Windows hosting is an expensive affair. Apart from buying the operating system, users must also be prepared to pay for all the additional software needed.

The programming language you have used in developing your website can also tie you to using either of these OS. Microsoft applications such as ASP will tie you down to using Windows hosting. There are however other applications such as PHP which are applicable to both Windows and Linux hosting.

It is possible to host on any of the two systems without compromising performance especially if you have a qualified administrator. Since Linux offers better stability even with heavier loading, it is the first choice for websites that are high on traffic. A dedicated server host running on Windows will cost much more than a similar one running on Linux. Your hosting needs will in some situations not be fully met by running Linux. Windows will be the best choice for you in such situations.


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