IM Eye Vs Wordtracker – A Keyword Research Review

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With regards to  keyword research in online marketing, Wordtracker is almost certainly the tool of choice. It has the history of being the most comprehensive and best structured standard keyword research tool available on the market. I understand I used it to discover search terms for one of my most productive sites ever.

But at this moment there is a fresh keyword tool that claims to transform the manner we search for keywords. It’s referred to as IM Eye. In the following paragraphs I’ll compare the features, functionality and value of IM Eye with Wordtracker.

The amount of information:

In it’s present version IM Eye contains a database of over 2 million keywords. Wordtracker boasts to have much more. Both softwares continually search the net for new search terms and upgrade their software frequently. The massive distinction here is that IM Eye has chosen to get rid of all search terms that get  monthly searches. It might not sound like a big deal but it will save you quite a few time in  keyword research simply because the only terms delivered are ones with real search traffic.

The kinds of information contained:

Both IM Eye and Wordtracker contain a list of keywords of a certain search term and how many monthly searches for every single keyword. Outside of that IM Eye really shines. It also contains how many competing webpages for each and every search term. This feature allows you to narrow out terms with a lot of competition. IM Eye contains data on the amount of a particular term costs per click in AdWords. By using this information you can discover potential PPC niches. IM Eye contains how many domains that have a particular keyword in the title which again gives you a impression of the competition. It also tells you if the product for this keyword is being sold on Amazon . com or by way of Youtube . com. In addition it will show you what domains (.net,.com, etc.) are still available for a particular term.

Having all that details is unbelievable enough, but the software truly makes it super simple to sort and categorize. IM Eye includes a simple interface where you can search for any kind of info you want. For example, let’s say you would like to know all keywords that cost less than 20 cents per click. With IM Eye all you want to do is limit your search dependent on that standards and in a moment you’ve got a enormous list of keywords you should use for your current or brand new business.

The suitable utilization of each program:

In terms of the value of these tools for absolute affiliate marketing I’d say that IM Eye wins every time. How much data it contains is amazing and exactly how it is organized can assist you find keyword terms you could develop businesses around. With regards to writing articles or contributing relevant new content to an present website Wordtracker probably has the edge. That’s simply because it is made up of more search terms than IM Eye.

Overall value rating:If I had to choose among these software programs, I’d personally go for IM Eye. When it comes to  keyword research, it’s purely a total game changer. As the creators like to say, with IM Eye high value keywords essentially find you. That makes creating productive sites easier.


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