Internet Marketing Newbie Can Skip Keyword Research Services

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Research is essential to affiliate marketers, nevertheless  keyword research services are not necessarily.

We can do our very own with a search based keyword tool. Good research can give ideas for us, supporting to find the ideal niche for our products or services.

One particular tool is the Google keyword tool (search for “Google keyword tool”). The Google keyword tool is dependant on actual Google data.

In this article I will use the Google keyword tool to describe exactly how to do a step by step  keyword search.

First, you should discover, using the keyword tool, precisely how many searches are entered per month for the keyword phrase, related to your niche or product.

I recommend to consider a keyword with a lot more than 2,000 searches per month, for top results.

After that, you’ll be given a list of suggested or similar keywords you can research if your initial search does not bare results. Once you have your keyword list, you can research the competition that your keyword list may have.

For the best outcome, research your keyword competition by using the Google search engine. All you’ve got to do is enter your keyword or phrase directly into the Google search field via quotes around your keyword, “like this”.

Then, the results with only your picked keyword is going to be returned.

Start looking for the competition that your niche has by way of your keyword. I recommend the competition you have for your keyword is below 50,000.

Over 50,000 competing pages will make it more difficult to rank on the Google search engine.

In conclusion, you really don’t need keyword research services, it can be done yourself, just adopt these recommendations. Your keyword should contain a minimum 3000 plus searches per month. For the competition, 50 000 or less for top level result.

If you can become an expert in the basics of keyword searches you will find it to be fun and probably profitable.

After you finish this step you can begin the SEO process. If you have discovered a beneficial keyword for your niche, you can get lots of page views for the least work


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