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Engine Internet website marketing Search Top: Tips to Rank #1 on Google Search Engine.

I must start stating that ranking  in the exclusive google first 10 without  any blackhat or gaining from  any loophole  of  google  Algorithm  takes time and my advice is to not intend  to do this because you’ll get slap from google and  after this  you could be saying bye bye to your free traffic.

The true way to do this  is SEO  and  the ugly truth is  that this take time  and is because  google  on his algorithm  has a time variable  so this is an effective task that take time. Why Should I  SEO my Website?, the simple reason is  because  you’re letting  google or yahoo  know  about what is your  site and  it will rank better for the keywords you want to work on .

BackLinks  to your web site is very important and  concerning to Google this is part of the SEO  and is because google  puts on rank 1 on a specific  keyword  the most popular on those keywords  and  if you have Relevant and  BackLinks from authority sites on your niche you’ll have a superior chance to rank very high on that keyword phrases.

My advice is to Learn Internet Marketing SEO Technique   and dominate it like  you were singing a Michael Jackson Song. If you are starting online marketing and you want to make money from you blog you should understand how  and the best way  to do this is to learn from the best . Wealthy Affiliate Program is  the best  Internet Marketing Training Program online so this will be helpful if  you join a community similar to this and  master from them  because affiliate marketing could possibly be really hard without someone  supporting your back and  teaching all the stuff you need to achieve your goals online. To learn more about Read my Wealthy Affiliate Review.


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