Introducing the LG Octane

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There seems to be a lot of buzz about the new LG Octane phone, which is currently being offered exclusively to Verizon customers at an astonishing price point below $100. And what makes this more remarkable is all the phone’s features, which aren’t normally seen in the everyday smart phone. If you are considering purchasing a new phone, then the LG Octane is definitely one that you should take a hard look at before you make your final choice. Let’s take a closer look at some of the neat features of the LG Octane.

One of the best aspects of the LG Octane compared to similar phones is the camera. While most smart phones come with a built in camera, they are rarely as good as the camera that you will find in the LG Octane. The 3.2 megapixel camera will allow you to take great photos of your friends and family whenever you may want to. This is made even easier by the physical shutter button and the bright flash. What is truly unique about the LG Octane’s camera, however, is the new smile detection technology. It can often be difficult to take great photos of your friends because it is so difficult to get them to smile on command. The LG Octane also has smile detection, and then it can instantly snap a photo, preserving it forever.

If you mostly use your cell phone to keep in touch with your friends and family via the various social media technologies, then you will absolutely love this phone. The full QWERTY keyboard makes it easy to compose as many text messages or status updates as you need to without losing a beat. All of the social networking sites that you love, like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Skype are all built-in and easily accessible right from the home screen of the LG Octane. Although the QWERTY keyboard is great, you can also use the full multi-touch screen to browse the Internet and to manipulate the applications.

Another notable feature on this device will be of particular interest to people who like playing video games. The LG Octane has finally brought back the D-Pad. When touch screen phones were introduced, gamers were assured that the loss of the physical buttons would not affect the enjoyment of their video games. While this was sometimes true, many gamers lamented the loss of physical buttons like the D-Pad. Now, you will finally get to play all those old games that you simply were not able to play on touch screen phones.

No phones would be complete if it did not have some great accessories available, and the LG Octane accessories certainly don’t disappoint. Probably the most noteworthy of these are the LG Octane Screen Protector and the LG Octane case. Although the LG Octane is already a phone that is in its own class, adding these two accessories to the phone can add a tremendous amount of functionality and style, as well as protection to an already amazing phone.


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