Is ‘Bring the Fresh’ Worth It?

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Is Bring the Fresh simply a scam whose goal is to get you to pay for revamped basic information that you already know? There are so many glowing and raving reviews of it that we thought we’d look at it more closely. So many of this type of product is nothing more than hype. It is hard to figure out who is telling the truth, who knows their subject and who is legitimately trying to help you out. Usually what happens is that the least worthy products get the biggest amount of hype. Knowing this, we took a closer look at Bring the Fresh. Here is what is most important about this program. Traffic Siphon

Bring the Fresh is an online marketing course that tells people how they can make plenty of money on the internet. It was produced by Mike Long and Kelly Felix. These are the same makers of the Rick Jerk product. Most internet marketers praise their products because they are fun and simple to learn. Most online marketers know about The Rich Jerk. It will only be a matter of time before Bring the Fresh has reached the same level of fame.

However, this product isn’t inexpensive. The creators do their best to make it easier to afford but it is definitely not for people with tiny pockets. The most recent pricing information we can find says that the initial investment for this is ninety seven dollars. That buys you a basic membership. If you want to upgrade to a Full Membership that is going to be another four hundred and two dollars. That’s is a ton of cash! The developers of this product thought of a way so that you can divide the $402 into smaller amounts. You can pay $67 for six months. This makes this huge amount a lot more easier to stomach.

This $402 amount doesn’t seem as bad when you are allowed to pay it in monthly installments of $67.

Traffic Siphon If you are hoping to find a totally automated system, you will not like this system even a little bit. This program is not a plug in and put to work kind of system. It is a course that teaches you what you need to know to boost your own marketing efforts. Though you are going to learn how to automate some parts of your business, this product won’t do a single bit of work for you. This is not a gadget that is going to do all of your heavy lifting. It is a course designed to keep you motivated and inspired. If you’re looking for something automated, look elsewhere.

It is a real risk to get into the internet marketing industry. There is a lot of misinformation to wade through and a lot of false claims to ignore. While we don’t want to go overboard, we value Mike and Kelly. You’ve already heard of their other products. There is no reason to believe that Bring the Fresh would be any different from any of their other successful products.

Check out what all the buzz is about at the Traffic Siphon website and make sure you don’t miss out.


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