Is It Me, Or Are Digital TV Shows Way Overpriced A Scam?

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There have been a number of reports recently saying that Apple wants tv studios to foreshorten the price of a single TV episode download on iTunes. They are looking to reduce the current $1.99 price down to 99 cents, in part to help shift a lot of new iPads. Apparently the studios are irresolute to commit to a lower price and undervalue their product. If they succeed, its expected that other networks will be forced to follow.

But this is where i have to step in, Im not too bothered if studios dont want to help Apple become ‘the’ dominant force in online tv – But i agree with Mr Jobs, the price of a tv show download is way overpriced.When i pay for a tv show on iTunes, i always feel like ive just done something bad. I have the show to watch yes, but i watch it and then i cant do anything more.  

Apple Want 99 cent Downloads. So Do I
Because of Apple’s draconian restrictions, you cannot watch it on any other device thats not been approved by Apple. So for your $1.99 an episode, your getting a gentleman of virtual nothing, which i dont mind doing. To watch a show is worth something to me – just not the current price. I can live with a 99-cent price as it is finisher to their real value. I think that internet streams and downloads need to be useable in a single format just like MP3’s, and free of all that DRM nonsense.  

though? Apple are strongly against it, digital video files should be available in a single format similar to the audio mp3 format. A format which is DRM-free, well-to-do portable and playable on many different devices. Apple of course, want to continue with a stranglehold on the market by making iTunes a dominant and DRM-wrapped format. Lets hope the TV industry dont let Apple take moderate of the online tv market.

Apple have done many good things, but trying to take over the market will only lead to more piracy and not less.  I just think its unhealthy that a clump of all those 99 cents go to Apple. Lets hope they get what they want pricewise but have to loosen their grip on the market in return.

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