Is There One Magic Way To Propel Me To The Top Of The Search Engines?

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Many Internet markers claim that if you buy their book, or program, or a subscription to their link building network, you will instantly be moved to the top of the major search engines for whatever keyword you want. Most people know that if you buy a book on real estate or a list of great stocks or something of that nature, that they will not become amazing at either of those. We also know that if we eat a certain berry we will not become the strongest, fastest, or best looking people either.


However, when it comes to Edit this text ranking many of us think that we can just buy one tool and all our ranking problems will be over. I think the reason for this is because the Internet always seems so technical and mysterious. Combine this with the fact that we are all yearning to be the best at what we do, and its easy to see how we can be duped.


Of course there are books and programs that can teach us many great practices. The problem is thinking that we can do one thing and one thing only and get great traffic and high profits. I think people need to realize that a balanced approach is best.


For instance, you wouldn’t see a professional seo company claiming to increase page ranking through only using one black hat seo method. Black hat seo methods may work for a short time, but eventually the search engines find the exploits and fix them. Sites that use more nefarious methods may even be punished and taken from the search engines for participating in such practices.


The best approach is a slow and steady balanced approach using your own white hat seo methods or the professional help of those companies that employ strong methods. There is no reason to ruin your long term success just to make a little bit of money in the short term.


When creating your seo strategy look into various methods of search engine marketing. Forum posts, blog posts, directory submissions, press releases, and even article submissions are great ways to increase both back links and traffic. Remember the more diverse your linking strategy, the better it will be.


Directory submission can be broken down into free directories, fee based directories, and extremely focused niche directories. The same goes for article directories and blogs. Depending on the service, a press release can go from a free release all the way up to hundreds of dollars. Business profile listings, advertisements in classifieds, and even job listings can all add to your back link profile.


If you decide to outsource, do not just blindly give your money away. Make sure you know what type of links you will be getting and from what sources you will be getting them from. You wouldn’t want to pay a company to spam links back to your site on a link farm would you? These types of links would be a waste of money because they would not have any value and would not bring you any traffic.


Also make sure the company only uses “do follow” links when creating back links for the sole purpose of increased search engine rankings. Pageranking is a complicated task, so please don’t waste your money on magic beans and bullets.


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