JV Attraction Formula – A Uncommon Chance to Learn

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Andy Hussong is releasing his JV Attraction Formula program. It’s a push button JV Marketing and Attraction system. He shows you step by step how to get them and keep them all with the push of a button literally.

Andy Hussong was the affiliate manager and JV manager for John Reese for over 5 years. An affiliate program is one way that literally you can transform your business without suffering through years of turmoil or handwork. Sadly most people get it backwards. They just don’t quite target people in the right way. Sadly most people continue doing the same thing year after year and it’s a wonder why they are stuck like as if they were still in 2005 doing things that never worked. Sometimes it just takes the right education to do so. (Well you get the idea).

The purpose of the JV Attraction Formula is to show you the right method and way to getting people. It takes a certain bit of finessing.

He shows how to put them through a JV funnel, just like a sales funnel, and outlines the complete process and step by step method you need to follow in order to maximize your explorable and success with them. Andy Hussong in his JV Attraction Formula takes a different spin on building affiliates and JV partnerships. He believes in building lasting relationships with people, not just doing some fly by the night one time she-bang.

The JV Attraction Formula is going to launch on October 5, 2010. You can get on the early bird list if you visit his site right now. Reading the Sales letter to the JV Attraction Formula in of itself is a great training tool you can use. You can study it and see what kind of copy is used – how they use emotion to invoke it in you and get you to buy. What kind of logic or reverse logic or psychology they may use in a hidden very subtle way. This is not to say they are using illegal methods – no. It’s simply stating how they use persuasion. If you didn’t want to read it then, you can always just click the back button. That’s all.


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