Keys To Writing Unique Google AdWords Ads

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Google AdWords has turned out to be a lethal weapon in an Internet marketer’s arsenal. In this article we shall be looking into 3 simple tips to help you enhance your campaign and do better.

When you start to test your ad copy, you should take it one step at a time. When you begin testing your ads, it’s not the kind of process in which everything gets tested at once. You only test one part per test such as the headline, or some other part. When you make a change and test against another ad, you have to know what caused the conversion rate change – that is why you test one ad element at a time. Remember to track your click through rate because if your ads performing well, you’ll get a high number of clicks.

The ads used in Google AdWords are very short which is great, but that can also be a challenge if you’ve never written ad copy before. Avoid using words that do not have reason to be there – your ads need to be super tight. You have little space and time to create an impact on the reader, 60 characters maximum. Your ad has to be distinguished among all the others, and it also has to be compelling enough for people to click through. The nature of Google AdWords, or any PPC platform, is that people won’t return if they leave the SERPS page, generally speaking. That is precisely the reason for writing very strong headlines. Now you have a better idea as to why your ad copy needs to be tight with no wasted words. Yes, there are a lot of other PPC marketers out there, and some in your market, but just remember that everyone started at exactly the same place you’re at right now. You need to find a good angle or benefit and test that in your ad. You can get a lot of click throughs with “free,” but a good percentage will only be tire-kickers. What are you exactly trying to say in your ads? That’s what you have to answer. PPC advertising is all about being relevant, and that is critical to success.

So what to test first? Easy, always begin by testind different headlines. After you’ve been testing for a while, your headline writing ability will naturally improve which is great. Always take your CTR and calculate your conversion rate because that is the real number you want. Of course you’re looking for the largest conversion rate possible.

So make sure you have at least 2 ads set up in each of your ad groups. The more impressions you allow, the more accurate your test results, but we think about 500-700 impressions should be sufficient for a good idea.

If you learn how to write solid PPC ads, then the rest is really a matter of patience and experience. The best teacher is experience, and you can always study Adwords ads in any other market, too. The best way to do well is to work at it, there’s really no other way – but it’s easy work. However it does require patience and effort on your part, so if you’re good with that then you’ll be fine.

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