Learn a few simple ways to transfer data to your new computer from the old one

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Getting a new computer at least for me is always a treat.get rid of those errors and your pc taking forever to boot.You are already to go except all your info is still on the dinasour.  Sure you can take a USB device and manually start coping over things but that only gets you so far and with the amount of files I have that will take days to finish.
Check out this nice little guide called transfer files between computers.

Again for those that only need a few files transfered over then you don’t really need to purchase any software.You can use a USB thumb drive.  If you want your custom settings like bookmarks and the like then the above is a great site to check out for a hands on how to guide.  We also found this other easy pc transfer guide on the same site that has even more info.

If you are looking for more of a fresh start then I do recommend you don’t transfer over any personal settings besides your e-mail account or bookmarks.  For me I have several programs and no longer have the CD’s for them so I had to go with specialized data transfer software.

Of course you can always use the Easy transfer software that comes with XP and vista.While this program is frustrating at times it can prove useful.  Often times you may find it a little frustrating and it may take a few attempts to get the information you want.  We should also mention that before you do any data migration from your old computer to the new one you should always try and install the software first on the new computer.  This will help to make sure the data ports over correct.  Outlook is a big one for many business owners.
You can always manually copy and paste info over to your new computer as well.By far this is the best way to go for people who have little info and don’t really want any user accounts or custom settings trasnfered over.


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