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Every year, millions of computers are infected by new viruses, and Trojans. Any computer’s user (also those in the security field) does worry about such threats. The most popular threat is of the malware class. This kind of virus will attack computers in 2 different ways: it will decrease your PC performance besides trying to steal your personal information. CleanUp Antivirus is a great example when it comes to such things, especially because it is very popular as it infects an increasing number of computers every day. This site CleanUp Antivirus has good infos about how to remove CleanUp Antivirus once for all.

CleanUp Antivirus acts as an anti virus, as its name suggests, and tricks users so that they won’t think about uninstalling it. This spyware will begin a fake system of your computer. The next thing it will do is to show you a full list of various viruses and such it claims it has found on your computer. Then this spyware wants you to buy some registered version of it. It is a fake version. All CleanUp Antivirus wants really is to steal your money and your credit card informations. Your browser’s settings will be modified a lot by this threat. Your screen will be full of ads and various popups trying to lead you to some compromised websites. If you do so, you risk infecting your computer even more. Check here virus removal guides to learn more about virus removal while this site online virus removal is a great online service dedicated to repair your PC from any problems, including viruses.

So when you do use the Internet, you have to be very careful what you’re doing, watching and downloading. This is the main way to protect yourself from threats like CleanUp Antivirus and other similar malware. You should also use a good antivirus product. Such a software will find out all the new threats and will let you know what to do. But you might find out that such malware will try to block or even delete your antivirus program installed on your PC. It might also modify some files so it won’t be detected or removed easily. This is why knowing the characteristics of CleanUp Antivirus and that of similar applications is useful: you are this way able to identify the threat and to use specialized tools that completely remove the threat. For the more experienced computer user, the program can also be removed manually if one knows where to look for all the files related to the rogue anti spyware in order to completely eliminate it without damaging the PC.


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