Level Your Character Fast With The Wow Instance Leveling Guide From Dugi

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For World of Warcraft fans, Dugi’s new WOW instance leveling guide is a breath of fresh air. Many of these players have spent year after year using the same old methods to level their characters in the game, and view the new Dugi’s Dungeon Leveling Guide as a welcome change from the methods they have been employing. 

Since the online game first appeared, players have used a couple of different strategies for improving a character to the highest possible level. The questing strategy was the option of choice for years. This method involved each character following the game’s basic story content and achieving preset quests that moved the story along. The experience points earned from questing helped raise the level of the character. 

Of course, many players grew tired of completing the same series of quests over and over for each new created personality. As a result, these fans turned to the grinding method, which allowed them to focus on the battle aspects of the game and earn most of their experience from killing vast quantities of monsters and other creatures. 

A fresh look at instances 

With Dugi’s approach to the power-level method, a third option has emerged as a serious alternative for anyone who has lost interest in questing and grinding. By focusing on earning the bulk of a character’s experience points while completing the many dungeons available in the game, players can now earn twice the experience points they would garner for completing ordinary quests outside of the dungeon environment. 

The key features 

The key to successfully using this method, of course, lies in knowing where the various dungeon-oriented quests can be obtained and how to complete them once the dungeon has been entered. It is here that the manual provides its greatest benefits. Once the software is downloaded and installed, it syncs perfectly with the Warcraft game interface and provides ongoing guidance to assist the user in completing any dungeon in record time. 

In addition to that guidance, the manual provides a plethora of map information for each dungeon. In addition, the ongoing tracking of quests enables players who only occasionally log into their accounts to avoid missing out on important quest details. 

The demise of the Old World dungeons in the Warcraft world has long been predicted by many players, as older players have continually moved away from those environments in search of new challenges in new lands. There is now more reason than ever before for veterans and newcomers to Warcraft to find new enjoyment from these dungeons, as this WOW instance leveling guide makes completing these dungeons easier than ever before. 


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