Little Known Secrets Of An Efficient Backlink Strategy

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When it comes to creating a backlink strategy, there is a popular myth out there – a pervasive urban legend. That legend is that “it’s all numbers game”. There are countless SEO ‘experts’ running around charging customers huge sums of money to get thousands of links back to their websites.

The theory goes like this: Google likes links. The more backlinks it finds, the higher it will regard that website and the more often it will appear on top of search results.

Right and wrong. Google is not quite that stupid to only take a look at the number of incoming links to a website to decide whether it will be ranked on the first page of search results or the last. If that were true anyone could quickly set up ten thousand pages with links back to his own website and get listed in the number one spot for whatever he wants.

The truth is that Google has a way to decide which links will count heavily towards a site’s ranking in search results and which links can basically be discarded. If you think about it, you will soon realize it makes a lot of sense.

How does Google do this? The answer once again makes a lot of sense. Suppose you had a website about dogs. Everything about dogs, what they like, what they don’t like, what to feed them and when. So you get the local vet to link to your site from his, and you link back to him. Down the road is another guy also with a website about dogs. His articles about dogs are so good that he gets the American Dog Owner’s Association to link back to his website. Which website do you think Google would list first in search results? Why?

Suppose further that you notice his site is listed above yours, so you buy links from all the shops in town back to your website. All of them create special pages with no other content but the link to your website.

Google will still rank the old lady’s website first. Why? Because the one backlink she has is from a highly regarded source. A source that gets thousands of visitors every day and which has numerous other top quality websites linking to it. Not to mention that the link pages you bought have no content except for the links and is therefore totally irrelevant to Google as far as your website’s ranking in search results is concerned.

Getting links back to your website from highly regarded websites is not easy though. If you know what you are talking about, one possible solution is to start writing articles and submit them to article directories. Mostly you won’t get paid for them, but you will be able to include a backlink to your website.

Another option is to write articles about the subject and submit them to high quality article directories using what is called, article marketing. They will allow you to put a link in the article back to your website. If your articles are really good they will also be syndicated – picked up by other websites, which in turn will have backlinks to your site. This is a much more logical and effective backlink strategy than buying worthless links.


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