Mac OS welcomes AutoCAD

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Autodesk finally released a version of AutoCAD for Mac OS after 18 years. Not only that , but they have also released the AutoCad app for iPad and iPhone. Users are able to make changes in their projects or just view them by importing.

Another win for Apple. Although they make up a negligible share of the PC market , with about 4 percent , they cannot be ignored by software companies.

Historically , only a couple of business apps were not available for Mac Os. The most known were AutoCad , Quicken and Microsoft Outlook.   Autodesk just released the AutoCAD version for Mac , Quicken and QuickBooks for Mac were released long ago , and  Microsoft Outlook will be joining Mac OS until the end of the year.

In the market of corporate tools , the  gap between Windows and Mac is decreasing fast .


 Windows users that want to turn to mac will be pleased because the interface is familiar  , and takes full advantage of the Mac OS X features you rely on every day :Multi-touch , Cover Flow and all the other good stuff 

The mac edition of AutoCAD also includes  an integrated context-sensitive help system and Push/pull vertex modeling, mesh, and NURBS surface tools.

The price of this application is in the range of 4000$ but for Windows users who want to switch to Mac there is only a small fee . AutoCAD for mac will also be available for schools and students for free.

Cole from Autodesk said that they consider making AutoCAD available for other mobile platforms too , like Google Android and other..

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