Mafia Wars Cheats And Hacks – Get Them For No Cost!

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Mafia Wars cheats are sometimes quite hard to come by.  Zynga, the creators of Mafia Wars have regularly patched any cheats that have become available inside days so that they stop working.  However, while skimming the Net I found this great site with Mafia Wars Cheats and Hacks.  

Mafia Wars is a seriously popular browser based game available on various different social networks including ; Face Book, My Space, Yahoo and Tagged.  The game was released in 2008 and by June 2009 had over 5,000,000 active players.  Since June 2009 the amount of active players has grown dramatically now with over 20,000,000 active uses on the Face Book application of the game alone also making it one of the, if not the most, popular Face Book application.  

Mafia Wars is set in New York town in the time of the gang lands and the likes of Al Capone.  Once a player reaches level 35 in the game he or she may travel between the New York setting and Cuba.  In order to level up in the game you need to complete a selection of jobs with criminal intent which may also get you money.  

Due to the game being social network based it permits players to signup their friends into their criminal gangs.  Because of this the game has viralled round the web bringing in several players from a wide variety of social networks.  

A big part of the game is the timers prepared.  Each player has a fixed level of energy, health and stamina which are used when doing roles.  When the level of any of those reaches zero the player must wait until his levels regenerate.  However, using the cheats available at the website I have linked to you can alter your health , energy, stamina and even player levels to a level that you desire.  You can also enable a hack to modify the quantity of money you have in your account.

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