Mafia Wars – Difference between Iced Mobsters and Mafia Hit

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Statistics are listed in your Iced Mobsters and Mafia Hit (to the English version and mobsters whacked mobsters iced).

Iced Mobsters.

Tells you how many times you place your opponents in a particular standing (iced) given to their health as between 1 and 19, particularly on this situation they can’t spend its power (used to combat, put somebody on the record of wanted or stolen). This may be revealed to be seen to your friends.

Mafia Hit (Mobsters Whacked).

Signifies what number of occasions you’ve got killed your opponents, which means that you simply took your well being to 0 for the final blow that ought to cause 20 or more injury (20 damage dealt) and is dependent upon the health I had before that you simply gave this final immediately do not forget that as soon as this “iced” Your assaults don’t have an effect on it. For example when you’ve got recently just got out of their state “iced” the have 20 well being, and if you provoke it can take 20 health damage to 0 and turn it into Mafioso Crushed (Mobster Whacked) and minus six factors of Experience. When this happens, we at the moment solely indicated and not give us the choice of publishing.

Wars Mafia  The mechanics of theft

You may assault one other participant properties and stealing cash from the worth of this property. Stealing property is harder for a fight, since you can solely be helped by various members of your mafia equal to the extent where you are, even when you’ve got more members in your mob, in any other case you should have solely the members Your mafia, which is even worse.

When a property is protected (this is when you’ve gotten some shields in blue beneath the image) the property has extra defense than normal. Every profitable theft should take away a defend, damaging property, and provides to earn cash and experience. When a property is damaged too much and cannot be stolen. The police and positioned below investigation instead opponent permits you to, repair, re-pay the insurance (to guard it with shields), or leave under investigation through which case the property will yield only 30% of revenues.

The power to steal is unlocked when you get to Stage 15.

The properties that can not be stolen are:

Vacant land as:

Deserted  Lot (Lot Left)
 Business Block (Block Trading)
Prime Downtown Lot * (Lot of first within the heart of the city)
 Beachfront Property (Property on the seaside)

and properties itself as:

 Louie’s Deli (Restaurant, which you could not give it away and buy more)
 Mafia Mike’s (Middle for your Mafia Assembly)
 Lease House (Casa de Renta)

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