Mafia Wars for Android: Gang Wars

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I found it shortly, the Mafia Wars different on the Android. The identify of the app is “Gang Wars”. It’s a – let’s assume – good copy of Mafia Wars. Some things are higher, there are, for instance, all mobile phone networks which might have, and above all, the upper income. Then one earns at a leather goods manufacturing facility Gang Wars with a number of million cash. Even when there are like Gang Wars cheat when his huge brother Mafia Wars the opportunity to work with secular cash “and purchase Godfatherpoints order to get more power or more brothers mafia.

Gang Wars Home Display screen

Cool gadget at Gang Wars is the leader board. For all those that in actual life anyway have no peers and you may admire virtual, there’s this score. Humorous excerpt from it: Gang Wars of the richest player in the intervening time I write this assessment a fortune of 192 billion of cash.

Gang Wars Job Overview

The job overview of Gang Wars is very similar to the strategy of Mafia Wars. Nocht do not perceive I know when you’ve accomplished a job completely. White as someone more?

Gang Wars Properties

You should purchase almost something in Gang Wars obvious to buildings. Subsequent the bottom of this screen you possibly can see even a cell phone community, which will be for 700 million money purchase. This is what the love of money Gang Wars considerations a bit of further than Mafia Wars. Should you einnimmst much money do you deliver this finest with the bank. There it is safe. If you want cash, you increase a certain quantity from your account. But watch out: in the event you get an excessive amount of cash with you and rumschleppst assault (Combat) you possibly can lose the coal to the opponent. And naturally the security of the bank shouldn’t be free. She takes on every deposit 10% of the quantity paid as taxes (TAX from).

Gang Wars Fights

Flogging one can simply as well as with in Gang Wars Mafia Wars.

Conclusion: Gang Wars is for me to cope as Mafia Wars – an addict made good various to the loss of Mafia Wars. On the Android phone substitute of the Mafia Wars runs perfectly


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