Mailstation 2 Digital Mailing System for Small Business

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Pitney Bowes has a powerful new product for any business that delivers packages, letters, invoices, or any number of other items through traditional mail. The Mailstation 2 is a digital mailing system, or stand alone postage meter system, that is perfect for any small business. The Mailstation 2 postage meter can help improve business and save money.

Pitney Bowes is the master in professional mailing services and the Mailstation 2 is the culmination of years of technological advancement and improving efficiency on multiple levels. The Mailstation 2 postage meter permits businesses to print professional, business-looking postage on any parcel as well as print just the ideal amount of postage for packages based on weight and destination.

No more standing in long lines at the post office to send out different items. No more adding costly postage to letters that feel as though the may be larger than the standard rates qualify. No more rushing out at the most difficult times because you ran out of stamps and the letter absolutely, positively has to be sent out that day.

Having a postage meter by Pitney Bowes, like the Mailstation 2, is beneficial for any business, regardless of its size or how much mail it creates on a weekly or monthly basis. Most businesses have to deal with the regular ritual of sending out letters, bills, expenses, invoices, orders, or any number of other items through the mail. A business that averages three to five letters and such per day may not consider itself large enough to qualify for a Pitney Bowes Mailstation 2. Yet that would be the wrong conclusion.

Considering that a base of five letters per day are produced from any given business, that’s over one hundred fifty per month. If that same business demands two trips per week to the post office for weighing packages, other services, or postage that the Mailstation 2 provides in a convenient size, then that would be eight per month. Multiply the petroleum expense and the time that the business owner, or an employee, takes to make that trip and the figure begins to add up rather quickly.

Businesses that create larger numbers of letters or packages will benefit that much more. The Mailstation 2 postage meter permits an office to print out exactly the postage needed for any package. It can then be sent to the postal receptacle or handed to the postman on their daily route. No more drives to the post office will be required.

The Pitney Bowes Mailstation 2 is standard to use and hooks up to the Internet so it can easily and accurately figure out how much postage is necessary based on current and updated information directly from the postal service. It will also follow up to five or ten different accounts for expense purposes.

A business operator with several employees may not fully realize how many letters, invoices, or packages are sent out by an employee or department, but with the Mailstation 2, you will be able to calculate these figures accurately and help economize your business right down to the penny.

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