Medical Equipment Leasing: Here Is What You Need To Know

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The Benefits of Medical Equipment Leasing

Medical Equipment Leasing has the reputation of being an attractive industry for banks, credit unions and leasing companies.  The creditors in these kinds of categories appear to have a lot of faith in the industry and therefore allow greater lines of credit to be infused into the medical equipment leasing market.

Leasing equipment in general, and medical equipment leasing in particular provides the benefit of running the devices without having to pay the up-front costs or assuming the risk of ownership. Furthermore a lease is one of the finest ways for healthcare establishments to keep on top of the technology curve. Along with so many new improvements occurring in the hospital, clinic, and medical lab sectors, equipment leasing has come to be a quite appealing financial alternative, especially in the last 10 years or so.

Here are 5 additional benefits of medical equipment leasing:

Medical Equipment Leasing Benefit #1:  Minimal Cash Outlay
The minimal cash outlay allows an entity to protect their own capital.  In a few cases there are even no down payment leases for organizations with decent credit.   In this day and age there’s more reason than ever before to protect working capital for unexpected needs.  

Medical Equipment Leasing Benefit #2:  Overcoming Budgetary Limitations
Leases are normally regarded as off balance sheet transactions, and therefore are not counted against a capital spending budget. Operating budgets, as a rule, are generally much more versatile than the typical capital budget.  In this manner, medical equipment leasing can help conserve working capital

Medical Equipment Leasing Benefit #3:  Flexibility in Terms
As we all know, medical equipment can grow to be obsolete inside of a handful of years.  Applying a medical equipment leasing approach will permit the health care institution to more effortlessly keep their equipment up to date.  The lease terms can be as adaptable as required and are often negotiated on an individual basis.

Medical Equipment Leasing Benefit #4:  Upgrade Flexibility
The ability to up grade continues to be one of the best benefits of medical equipment leasing. Patient loads grow, technology improves, and the overall needs of the organization entity can change from year to year. Medical equipment leasing enables businesses to benefit from developments that develop apparently out of thin air. Lease terms might also be structured to handle these changing situations.

Medical Equipment Leasing Benefit #5: IRS Benefits
Most Medical Establishments are nonprofits, and hence are tax exempt.  But for those that aren’t, a lease agreement can supply a pleasant deduction on their taxes.


Considering these multitude of benefits for medical equipment leasing, it is not really unexpected that more and more health organizations are deciding to lease their machines. If you work for or with one of these organizations, you should definitely consider medical equipment leasing!

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