Mini Printer Product Review

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Mini printers are very popular among people who are mostly on the go. These types of printers are very comfortable to carry because they are very compact and handy. They are preferred by people who want a small printing device they could practically use just about anytime, anywhere .

Here’s a helpful list of list of mini printers found in the market now . This should help guide you in purchasing of mini printer.

Epson Picture Mate

This best printer is one of Epson’s Deluxe Viewer product range . Having an LCD size of 2.4 inches, this printing device could show images that allows you to crop images and view them in a slide show. Epson Picture Mate has a portable handle. You can also set it up fast and easy. Just plug the adapter, then fold back the handle, and pull the output tray downward. The Epson Picture Mate mini printer also has a media card capacity, allowing one to print economically. This printer’s cost usually comes around $400.

Bixolon SRP 500 mini printer

This is a cost effective printer with speed that can get up to 6 LPS. This means you can print in dual colors, like red and black. It also has instantaneous ink feed on printer, high quality graphics, driver availability, multiple interfaces and other modern features that a mini printer must have.

CodeMaster Jet Mini Printer

Code Master printers have low maintenance, allowing you to save cost because it’s sturdy. Its design is very streamlined because of its smooth and complete interface. It has high performance speed, can be easily set-up and uses a simple installation process. It measures about 101 x 220 mm which makes it very light and little for consumers.

Canon PIXMA 260 mini printer

Because of its clear screen, the Canon PIXMA 260 mini printer provides high quality printing fast. It has scrolling wheels which lets you operate this mini printer easily. Once you browse through the screen, you can get to select different options about the printing set-up on the screen. The product’s cost is usually around $300.

Now that you are equipped with information on these mini printers, you can now assess which one of these printers is your preference. You can watch out at at discounted prices.


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