Mobile Web Marketing Is About to Explode – Mobile Monopoly Learn the Facts!

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You may well ask – What is Mobile Monopoly Web Marketing all about? With over 5 billion consumers the mobile web advertising market is exploding exponentially skywards, this is five times the size of the internet market and growing rapidly and yet there is still very little competition in this very lucrative market, mainly due to a lack of basic knowledge and the fundamental skills that are neccessary to successfully tap into this once in a life time opportunity. Mobile monopoly is a marketing system that has been specifically designed by mobile marketing whiz kid, Adam Horwitz to successfully exploit the massive money making opportunites that are to be found within the mobile web marketing industry}. Many internet marketers have grudgingly concluded  that marketing via mobile phones will inevitably dominate the internet and they are rapidly educating themselves in the new technologies and processes of mobile marketing; so that they don’t get left behind in the rush.

The Evidence is Before Your Eyes!

Have you ever noticed that people tend to spend a hell of a lot more time chatting on their phones and surfing the mobile net rather than sitting in front of their PC. It is an undisputed fact that  more than 5 billion people walk around with a mobile phone – the market is five times larger than the internet.

Now is the right time to seriously consider entering into this extremely profitable market,as you will inevitably be getting in on the ground floor of this very lucrative business model; but first you will need to fully digest and understand just how explosive this mobile web revolution actually is:

Apple have recently sold more than 2 million smart phones and a recent report published by Google, states that; over 160,000 Droid smart phones are activated every single day!

Although the internet is absolutely inundated and overrun with advertising and money making opportunities are becoming few and far between, nobody has taken serious note of the alternative that is staring them in the face. There is still very little competition in mobile web marketing. This monumental market could be yours to fully exploit at will!

 Smart phones now dominate the mobile market, statistics prove that over 50% of all new internet connections are made by owners of mobile smart phones over 5 billion mobile phone owners, are carrying miniature computers around with them in their pockets, or handbags,  24 hours a day seven days a week. Furthermore, statistics prove that over 90% of people, keep their phones within 3 feet of themselves 24/7.

And yet it is a fact that the bulk of online marketers have failed to comprehend the unlimited opportunities presented by this new market phenomenon, they stick to what they know and have no concept of how to market to consumers that are not glued to their PC.

The Facts About Mobile Marketing

Do you realise, that with mobile advertising your Ad is going to be the ONLY Ad on the Page!

 It doesn’t take a genius to work out that for this very reason mobile marketing conversion rates completely blow away those achieved in conventional internet marketing. Imagine just how easy it would be, to grab a person’s attention without the constant distraction of numerous adwords and flashing banners on the page. YOU are the one and ONLY call to action on the entire page!

Most importantly there are no new tricks to learn  ClickBank, CPA and the building of marketing lists all follow the same procedures and processes as on your PC. (But, it’s a lot easier to do on mobile)…Once everything is fully implemented and running, there is no need to unceasingly make changes, as what works with mobile marketing STAYS working No constant changes to  ‘algorithms’, no ‘spiking keyword bids’…etcetera…etcetera..

So What are You Going to Do About It!

It must be perfectly obvious to you by now; that now is the right time to take decisive action, if you really want to break into this very lucrative area of mobile marketing. Nobody, has an absolute advantage over you, at this present moment in time…but you will need to move very quickly, if you really want to find yourself, in the exclusive and enviable position, of being able to seize upon the prime assets; within the mobile phone advertising market as this marketing phenomenon explodes, right around the globe!

 You still have a little time left……but not very much…

The advent of mobile marketing has just begun…history tells us that it is always the early adapters to new technologies that reap the massive rewards on offer. People, who procrastinate and put things off, content to watch from the sidelines, eventually find that they have left it too late… to make any sort of impression…They  find that the entire landscape has changed; the goal posts have shifted…They suddenly find themselves faced with insurmountable competition, from those who were intelligent enough to jump in at the start….They have been  left  out in the cold!

Head on over and check out what teenage whiz kid sensation, Adam Horwitz has to say about his mobile monopoly system, you will be very impressed with what he has to offer..Play a major role in this new revolution that is gathering pace…don’t be left out in the cold!..Arm yourself with the latest mobile marketing knowledge and methods. You will be pleasantly surprised!


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