Myspace: Some Of The Useful Features

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Myspace is a large social networking media competing with other big websites. The current location and main start of Myspace was in California with over 1000 workers or employees that continue to help Myspace grow and be successful. The YourZ is the owner site of this continuing growing social media site. Even there is a tight competition among Social networking media because it has interesting and exciting features of Myspace that users can enjoy.

During past years 2007 and 2008 Myspace had continuously upgraded their site with more enjoying layouts and features. Users had enjoyed surfing and personalizing their site with colorful and fun layouts. This is also the website that allows users to update their daily status and other fun applications, so no means of being a biggest loser of other competing social media sites.

Top five best features of Myspace:

o Bulletins – this were most recent posts are posted by the user’s contacts or friends. Contact and friend’s details are also found in this section so you can be more updated with social friends.

o MyspaceIM – MyspaceIM is an instant messenger create for users to enjoy communicating with their friends with no hassle, user can logged-in using the same e-mail associated with their Myspace account. It is stand-alone software. Client who are using the MyspaceIM instant get notifications of new messages, friend request and comments.

o Myspace Mobile – This tool will allow a user to be updated even without an access to individual computers. A user can keep track of the Myspace account via Cellular phones. Carriers like AT&T, Vodafone and Roger Wireless features Myspace.

o Myspace forums – Myspace itself wanted to interact with Myspace users to know feedback, comments, opinions and ideas. This is a good tool that will allow user and Myspace admin to talk about new updates and upgrades with the account.

o Myspace news – This is a tool where mostly new news can be voted and display RSS feed. Users are allowed in this section. This has started in year 2007 and continues to move up every year.

There is now targeted advertising on Myspace that should interest various businesses.

Even though that the technology has evolved number of social media tools or sites, Myspace is still considered as one of the Pioneers of this technology. This had been and will always be a fun site for old and new users. Myspace will continue to upgrade the site to make it more interesting. Expect more upgrades, new applications and more features in the upcoming years.


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