Nokia N8 : Is It Worth The Money?

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Cell phones evolve at a rate matched only by the personal computer. Because of this, manufacturers must remain at the forefront of the industry or be trampled underfoot. With the new N8, Nokia has not only chosen to stay near the front, they have become one of the industry leaders. The device easily handles a large number of media, equally adept at entertainment and functional tasks.

Contemporary smartphones are much more than telephones. They are now mini computers, televisions, and daily planners. Because of their versatility, it is necessary for the handsets to possess a screen that presents the best possible view to the user. The Nokia N8 succeeds admirably in this regard with a 3.5-inch OLED touch screen display. It supports more than 16 million colors, creating wallpaper, picture, video, and widget images more vibrant than almost all other phones on the market. Included with the N8 is a 12-megapixel camera which will please even the most demanding photographer with capabilities not unlike the most expensive point-and-click cameras. The N8 contains 16 GB of installed storage which can be expanded to 48 GB by way of a micro SD card. Being caught without enough memory to capture the perfect photograph is not an issue.

The Nokia N8 also capably handles shooting movies in 720p HD. Users can further their moviemaking desires with an extensive editing suite. Of course, recording devices need to provide quality playback controls, and the N8 certainly does. Featuring the large touch screen, these controls are accurate and responsive.

Applications abound for the N8. Among them is a dedicated WebTV application that allows the consumer to watch everything from the latest Hollywood happenings to the world news. These shows sound terrific in Dolby Digital Plus surround sound. If this still isn’t enough, the N8 can connect to a home theater system for audio and video that is second to none.

Obviously, the Nokia N8 has entertainment down to a science, but it is more practical than most other phones of its kind. This powerhouse of a smartphone operates on the Symbian^3 platform, a new system that provides brand new operations like multi-touch for operations like pinch-to-zoom. The user can travel without fear of becoming lost with the N8’s walk and talk navigation and OVI Maps that can be downloaded for free and be kept forever without costing a dime. These maps are supported in more than 70 countries, leading to fee and easy travel.

Nokia has shot to the top of the cellular heap with its Nokia N8 handset. Other manufacturers would be wise to take note on how to balance entertainment and practicality so well. Customers who already know the N8 couldn’t ask for anything more.


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