Notable Accessories and Features of the Nexus S

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First of all, when shopping for Nexus S accessories, even if you don’t make protecting your phone your only priority, it should still be a priority at some level. After all, the Nexus S is an expensive little smart phone; it starts at $200, and that’s if you sign up the next two years of your life to T-Mobile on contract. If you have the audacity to want to use the phone by itself with the carrier of your choice, you will easily spend half a grand. As a result, it only makes sense to look after your phone, unless you happen to be rolling in money.

That said, just because you buy accessories to protect your phone doesn’t mean you can’t afford to be stylish at the same time. Take any Nexus S case. You can choose a case that will just protect your phone but make it look plain and dull, or you can spend a bit more to not just keep it protected, but to also add some style. It’s up to you.

Similarly, when it comes to buying a Nexus S screen protector, they are not all made equally. In the end, any decent screen protector will serve as a first defense against a scratched up screen, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t spend a little extra time sorting through them. For example, it’s a good idea to look for a screen protector that is as transparent as possible while still protecting your phone. It’s pointless if you get the best thing to protect your screen, but you can even look through it.

Similarly, when you buy yourself a case, take the time to sort through your options. even though leather cases cost considerably more than plastic ones, they almost always look better at a given price level, and if you are willing to spend a little more than most people, you can get a case that looks great and renders your new Nexus S virtually bulletproof.

Of course, you are unlikely to get a leather case that is actually bulletproof, but you get the idea. You can certainly pick up water resistant, if not water proof cases made from leather, and if you are willing to go back to plastic, you can get cases that will keep your smart phone ticking even if it is unfortunate enough to get run over by a moving vehicle.


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