Online Recovery Software Ultimately Costs More Each Month Than Local Recovery Software

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ShadowProtect is generally considered to be the leader in recovery software

Today’s businesses are highly dependent on access to information, both from outside sources and internal ones. Companies also rely on each other, and often don’t have much leeway when it comes to time frames. This is becoming more and more true of consumers as well. For this reason, anytime a company has to wait very long to access important data it can damage business. When it comes to delays, nothing is quite as difficult for a company as data loss. If information is lost or unavailable, it brings business to a halt. A company with speedy turnover and low capital reserves can rapidly end up in a bad financial scenario if it doesn’t have a data loss and disk recovery software in place. There are several services that protect a business from this very issue, but which is the best choice?

One of the first considerations that comes to mind is online file storage. Services like Mozy and Carbonite have gained quite a bit of popularity recently, and their convenience is tempting. Even so, despite the reduced up front costs, in the end they’re more costly per month than local recovery software. The other consideration is the fact that online file storage, strictly speaking, is not equivalent to disk recovery. While the data itself might be kept online, none of the system information is. Files are becoming more and more dependent on one another. When one file references another, the file structure needs to be maintained for the reference to work. Various other system settings are important to the function of specific file types. In short, Windows recovery is not possible with online file storage.

A disk recovery program like ShadowProtect is different. It not only copies the data, but also duplicates the whole disk. You may believe that just simply copying the files is equivalent, but this is not the case. If you duplicate all of the records on a hard drive and transfer them to a new one, the system will not function properly. Instead, an entirely new Windows system needs to be installed. When you have to do this on many PCs, it can take a long time. The settings on each system then need to be set so that the data will work correctly. All of this hassle can be avoided with recovery software like ShadowProtect. A hardware independent copy of the hard drive is created that can easily be transferred to a new machine with no problems whatsoever.

Disk recovery programs also allow for Windows recovery in less extreme situaitons. For example, it can back up the settings of Windows on a periodic basis. This way, if changes to the system begin to result in bugs, the settings can be restored.

ShadowProtect is usually thought to be the best in its field. PC mag has given it their Editor’s Choice award, calling it “the absolute gold standard in system-backup products”.


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