Our No BS Review On Dell E153FP 15-inch Flat Panel Color LCD Monitor

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The Dell E153FP 15-inch Flat Panel Color LCD Monitor is ideal for a multitude of users which range from the house to corporate and business or financial trading environments. It utilizes a 15” Active Matrix TFT LCD that displays great text and graphics with a maximum resolution around 1024×768 pixels. This Dell LCD monitor includes a expansive viewing angle, allowing users to watch the screen from various positions without limiting picture quality. With contrast ratio of 400:1, it delivers sharp, crisp lines and images, while its fast response times give excellent clearness for moving images. Those that require excellent quality and dependability will appreciate the significance that DellTM E153FP provides.

Technical Details:
    * Clear, vivid images with a top resolution up to 1024×768 pixels
    * Wide viewing angle of 100° vertical and 120° horizontal
    * High contrast ratio of 400:1 or higher to 250 cd/m² brightness ensures high-quality pictures
    * Thin-bezel design well-suited for environments where space is a reasonably limited

Dell E153FP 15-inch Flat Panel Color LCD Monitor Reviews:
We have been not a lot of on space and needed a 15 inch flat monitor. This place fit perfectly and it has excellent image quality. Some expect it to be so faithfully to find a 15 inch monitor today. The tiniest ones obtainable in stores remain 19 inches. The flamboyant big monitors may look snazzier than this, but that one is perfect for us.

Got one of them for my 2nd machine, didn’t hold the space on my desk for the next large widescreen as well as the second machine is simply for rendering and web browsing. Been with them for quite a while plus it still works such as the day I obtained it, good color particularly after being calibrated, can’t complain.

Item was nicely cherried up, appears like former office lease equipment. Exact replacing my old Dell monitor that simply went phhht after 4 years. Wanted exactly the same thing to match system and fit in desk space. Price was right, reached it in A couple of days!


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