Part I: What Made Shirts Expensive

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Why do you think dress shirts are very expensive? Do you think it’s the labor? Probably yes, but we already have machines that can manufacture or weave these clothes together, and labor is not that high really. But there is no substitute for a highly skilled and trained labor which produces fine dress shirts. The making and cutting of custom dress shirts does not any longer covered by the machine. As the skills and craftsmanship relies on the laborers. The fabric is really the component which makes the dress shirts expensive. The most soft, comfy and luxurious the fabric is, the higher is the value become.

The less expensive dress shirts are the ones that are made of a single ply while the quality and best dress shirts are made in two-ply. The cotton and polyester combination is cheaper and can be found in cheap stores too. While the two-ply with a vertical warp and horizontal weft that is made two fibers twisted around each other is more likely stronger, and silkier. The finer yarn fiber used, the higher are the strands used, therefore the softer the cloth becomes, the more expensive it will be.

Most 2-ply shirts are privately labeled and the price is more expensive because of its quality, but this does not mean that 1-ply fabrics are less desirable than the 2-ply. It is just that it is less expensive because of the fiber count it composed of, which makes it a little less than the other.

Another factor why women, and mens dress shirts are expensive is because of the very minute detail that the tailors made. The buttonholes represents a piece of craftsmanship if done by hand. Even though the hand-made buttonholes are not as perfectly sewn by the buttonholers machine, but it gives the cloth more durable, thus making it more costly.


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