Particulars on Canon Elura 100 Imovie: Fantastic, Flawed, or Horriffic

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I experienced been happily employing my canon elura 100 imovie  with my FW400 port up till I upgraded to Leopard. The FW400 port is home to my Lacie 250GB FW 400 exterior generate and prior to upgrading to Leopard I had no problem sharing the port when I required to transfer movie type my camera. Now that I’ve upgraded to Leopard the port acknowledged the exterior HD but not the camera. I attempted uninstalling all cables and rebooting…to no avail. I attempted daisy chaining the camera by utilizing the extra FW400 port about the back from the Lacie..<br>.again to no avail. I am extremely disappointed since it must “just work”.

I also attempted making use of all of the diverse USB 2.0 ports. I checked the photographic camera in the Program Profiler and it appears when plugged in….it really is just that iMovie won’t recognize. To be able to even more troubleshoot I related my wifes Canon SD450 digital point and shoot to see if I could exchange a small video file from it..<br>.even though the camera seems about the desktop when connnected I am not able to import the video using iMovie..<br>..this really is really starting to frustrate me since it really should basically deliver the results.

I was in a position to connect the Elura hundred applying my FW400 cable to some close friends iMac running Leopard natively.

Any canon dvd camcorder suggestions would be significantly appreciated.

I’m pretty particular that I utilized to be in a position to download from my Elura into iMovie ’08 on Leopard up until these days. Maybe some quicktime update or some thing buggered it up?

My guess is that it’s either 10.5 or even the intel Core two duo with its firewire.

I just picked up a new iMac and went to plug my Canon Elura a hundred in for the initial time. To my surprise iMovie did not recognize it. Given that this camera was utilised on an old iMac a number of many years ago I assumed the Firewire port on the new iMac was faulty. Regrettably, my Firewire hard drive was identified and operates fine from the identical port the digital camera does nada. This genuinely *****. Is this a Leopard, iMac, or Canon point?

You are most likely to uncover lots of complaints about Canon’s firewire implementation. Just lookup around the Last Reduce Pro and Final Minimize Express fora, you’ll think the pain of other people. Numerous of these cameras turn out to be invisible if you’ve another device on you FireWire bus and merely don’t need to co-operate.

Equivalent problem. Canon Elura 100. Applied to deliver the results beneath Tiger. Won’t work with Leopard. Technique Prodiler shows speed with Elura unplugged and Not able o list FireWire gadgets with Camrea attached. Interestingly enough, photographic camera recognizes Mac.

Great level about “just not working”. Apple?


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