Playing Online Games With Johnny Deep

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The free online games world is advancing and seemly becoming more and more competitive as time goes by . With so many sites and developers in the flash games, it’s only a matter of time until free online games will show artwork and game-play as good as triple A games.

Flash games arecommonly totally free  and do not require extra software to be installed apart from a web browser, which most computers have. Even though free online games can’t ( stil) feature high grade of graphics like the commercial games, some people say that the ideas and game-play of the flash games is superior.

Belatedly with the rise of social networks (Especially Facebook), free  games are becoming even more relevant, mainly due to their great social capabilities. One of the most attribute of free online games is competing against friends from all over the world, either in special add-ons like Scoreplug or via Mochi score, which lets you compare your record against gamers from al over the web.

Upon discussing the average size  of free online games we can see that most of them are rather small  , compared to PC  and console games, as most of this titles usually being played for 5-15 minutes, compared to PC games that can be played for many hours and even days.

Johnny Deep” is a nice example to a game that combines  funny  graphics and is considered as a typical “Distance Game”, that usually demands the participant to reach to the furthest distance accomplishable. In this game you will control a funny diver called “Johnny Deep” ( sounds familiar? ), and your task will be to lead him through all the obstacles until you reach the bottom of the ocean. While I haven’t conquered  the bottom yet, I did encounter few cool fish like jelly fish, sharks, manta rays and even the awesome angler fish. The game contains  lots of achievements which is a very popular feature among free games , as it awards the players for extremely good performance or due to special tasks they have done.

Since free online games  are here to stay  , there are lots of genres, categories and subcategories that are being displayed to the wide base of fans ( some say that flash games are being played by hundreds of millions each month). So your  job  as a gamer is sitting back and enjoying a world that is created by gamers for gamers, without any cost !


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