Postage Meter Machines – What are the Benefits and Drawbacks of Leasing For Business

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The internet is a gift to budding business owners, making it possible for a growing number of them to set up internet businesses. An e-commerce website makes it easy for businesses to sell products while a business website allows businesses to promote their services. Be it an ecommerce store that sells products or an online business that offers services to customers, mails and shipments are part of everyday operations. In fact, for an e-commerce store, reputation relies heavily on the pace and excellence of delivery. If these businesses obtain postage meters, also called postage machines, they can save both time and money in this critical job.

With postage meters, businesses can directly print correct postage onto parcels and letters thus saving a trip to the post office to get consignments weighed, stamped and franked. They can compute the precise postage based on weight, destination, and kind of post. Not only that, you can also track the total amount spent on postage. Output also improves as business owners can give more time to profitable tasks that will grow the business.

Advantages of postage meter for a small business

They are a huge help to small businesses as they cannot put in too much time into non-core business tasks, and may not have extra staff to make frequent trips to the post office. A number of advantages of using postage meters are:

  • Convenient stamping: With postage machines, businesses can print and pay postage without leaving the office. You avoid waiting in long queues at the post office to get consignments weighed and stamped. All you need to do is make one trip to drop off the consignments or you can arrange to have them picked up from your place of work.
  • Simple management of all types of mails: Postage machines can process most type of mails – Parcel Post, Priority, Domestic First-Class, Express, International parcels, International First-Class etc. As it is quite simple to print directly on envelopes, bulk mails can be weighed and stamped swiftly and correctly.
  • Cost savings: Postage meters always meter mails with precise postage unlike the occasional situation at post offices where precise postage is not available all the time or when you weigh the package on a scale and estimate the postage from a look up table. Packages are weighed on a scale on the meter and postage is computed on that basis along with the type of mail and where it’s being sent.

Disadvantages of a postage meter for a small business

Though postage meters offer many benefits, you should be aware of certain issues, including:

  • Lease contract charge: Use of postal meters, rates, and distribution is managed by the country’s postal service. They cannot be purchased and have to be taken on lease for specific period. Leasing fee vary from $20 to $500 per month depending on the sophistication of the model.
  • Change in postage charges: The postal service can make changes to the postage rates and this needs to be reflected in the postage meter also. While recent digital meters can be updated electronically, older models need to be updated manually by the leaser.
  • Regulations governing repair: The government postal authority restricts troubleshooting and repair of postage meters by any person except the authorized leaser. This can cause delays and business owners have to fall back on the traditional system of using regular postage stamps and making a trip to the post office till the machine is back in working order.

The convenience, decrease in operational costs, and time savings from the use of postage meters greatly outweigh their disadvantages. Businesses can gain from the professionalism these machines bring to official mails and consignments. Business owners too can focus better on business development and to pursue new opportunities. Daljeet Sidhu is the author of this article.


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