Powerful Considerations On Writing Articles To Create Backlinks

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One of the oldest and most established ways to attract visitors and grow your website traffic is to write and publish articles. The reason? It still works! There is an older saying that “content is king,” and this certainly applies to well produced articles; this is as effective now as it was in 1998 when the Internet was just beginning to find its feet.

There is a right way and a wrong way to build links to your site with articles, so make sure that you pay attention. You have to provide high quality articles when you are building links, if you are to be successful. Writing an “article” that is nothing more than a sales letter, or hiring a writer who can’t even speak your language will never work to build links to your website. You can be sure of this.

The great thing about building links with articles is that they offer valid, and valuable, information to your visitors. We go to the Internet to learn, after all. We may be interested in selling, without a doubt, but we want to learn how to sell! People are always thirsty for information. We have become quite used to scanning and skipping through content online to see if it has value for us. Here are some tips to consider when writing articles:

• Provide interesting topics for your visitors. Make sure to grab their attention, so they can see that you have something good to say and that they should stick around to see what it is. These are surefire ways to build links to your site with your articles.

• Write on a topic that matches your website. There is no point in writing an article about shoes, if your primary website is dedicated to Internet marketing You may well be able to get some readers to post links back to your site as they repost your article on theirs, but what use is this if they are not in the same target market, or niche as you are?

• You have to make sure that your articles are easy-to-read, as this is the best format for the web. Web readers don’t like long paragraphs, so short quick-read articles work best. Use shorter blocks of text than in print, as well as more sub-heads and bullet points. You can even add a graphic or two at times. All of these strategies make your articles good link bait. And to take advantage of this quickly, seriously consider taking on someone looking for virtual assistant training, or even a team looking for virtual assistant training to become a business, to maximise your efforts in a very short span of time.

• Make your articles available for free reprint. Never assume that just because you post an article on your website, that people know they can use it in a newsletter or link to it. Include a note at the bottom of every article giving them permission to add a direct link, or use the article in whole with your bio included.

Let’s face it, none of this is rocket science, is it? It’s simply a matter of writing quality articles that provide good information and encouraging people to link to them. You could distribute this content very effectively by focusing on the best channels you can find, all around the world. Don’t forget, someone looking for virtual assistant training can help you with all the details, at a great price too.

Fortunately quality content is easy to come by! The best content doesn’t have to be absolutely original, but it does have to be top class. If you invite a guest blogger, if you link to resources elsewhere, provide downloads free and generate interesting articles, you are providing really good value for anybody who comes to your site looking for content. And these can all bring quality backlinks to your site. Why wait any longer? Start Today!


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