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Publicists, like managers are something that you need to think about as an artist.  Do you need one?  At what point in your career would it be useful to employ their services?  Which one should I choose?

The thing with a good publicist is that they will be able to get you placement where you may otherwise clamber.   We have, for example, always worked closely with a number of publicists and as such have built up relationships with them over the years.  Therefore it follows that a trusted publicist will more likely get you placement in a magazine or elsewhere far more effectively than you may manage alone.  Of course, we have always prided ourselves on helping up and coming artists so, if you have the skills, you will get a shot.  However, not all media outlets work in the same manner as we do. 

A publicist should be sought when you feel that you can no longer avoid using the services of one – be this because you find you do not have the time or because you feel you can’t push yourself any further than you have already.  Of course the concern has to be the cost – if you cannot afford a publicist you may need to look to another route.  Of course, as an aside, many labels have their own publicists and marketing departments so this may not be something for you to look at directly.  You can also think about your own do-it-yourself tactics, and create your own EPK/electronic press kit.

Should you feel you need to engage the services of a publicist the simplest, and most effective way to ensure you get the sort of service you want is to ask for recommendations.   Certainly some will offer services and rates that others can’t match but be sure to be certain of what you require from them before you make a decision and don’t go for a publicist just on the basis of rates.  You may find that the cheapest is not always the best option, but certainly the most expensive may not be the best service-wise either.  Many publicists publicise their services so check them out, contact them and see what they can do for you.  It may just be that other push you required.



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