SafetyPC : You’re PC Is Not Safe With It

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For the past last years, Internet users have been attacked by many viruses, malware, and more that are spreading themselves over the Web using Trojans. Such viruses are part of the spyware category. These viruses are very dangerous and not easy to deal with. Spyware are both difficult to remove and to identify once they have infected a PC. SafetyPC is one of those viruses. It is a spyware that will infect the computers of end-users and claims it is protecting your PC from viruses, worms, and more. When you want some online help with removing such a threat, check here online virus removal.

SafetyPC will easily trick PC users. This program will start doing a fake system scan of the PC shortly after infecting the system, in order to gain your trust. However, instead of looking for viruses and errors, the program actually creates new files and deletes files that are useful for the genuine anti viruses to detect it. It then asks the users to purchase the full version of SafetyPC for the large number of viruses found during the scan (which don’t even exist) to be removed. Lots of computer’s users will think their system has so many viruses that they will actually purchase the full (and fake) version of this program hoping to really get some protection. To remove spyware from your PC, this site best spyware remover has lots of infos about the best spyware remover.

Here are some tips to help you identify your PC has been infected with SafetyPC or any similar programs:

– You will notice a slower performance of your system
– When browsing the Internet, you will have problems – this threat will change the settings of your browsers so you will be redirected to compromised websites
– You will get lots of popups and commercial ads so you won’t be able to function correctly with your PC

Always keep in mind to never buy the full registered version of any such antivirus program, be it SafetyPC or any other ones with similar behaviour. When you’re about to delete this program from your PC, always choose some automatic program to do that rather than manually by yourself since you will do a lot less additional damages to your PC than SafetyPC actually did so far.


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