Secrets in NightClub City

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                For many, when we think of Night Club City, we think of a fairly simplestraight-forward partyHowever, there are some pretty nifty tricks and NightClub City secrets that you can learn about with the game that are not as straightforward or as simple to find as they seem, and only the serious players or those that are really paying attention may pick up on.

                For instance, do you realize that your bar tenders that have the “bar tricks” enabled will perform tricks every minute? This is usually accompanied by the flashing of lights in your clubs for about 30-40 seconds and then accompanied by disco swirling lights for another thirty seconds. I bet most of you didn’t know that. Additionally, the “bass-drop” and “dedicate a song” last for only 1 full minute and after that you can use them immediately again. Additionally, do you realize that the tip rate and happiness of your patrons affect each other in a way that when the happiness of your customers increases, the tip rate goes up too at a constant rate? And such are the secrets in NightClub City that the average player won’t likely notice.

                There are just so many nightclub city secrets and it would be difficult to enumerate them all. I, for one, do not know all the secrets out there and am just sharing what I have come to uncerstand during the short time that I have played the game and chatted about it with my friends. The only fact that I don’t like about night club city, or ncc, or whatever you choose to call it, is the fact that in nightclub city, your game has a chance that it would not save properly. Oh well, such is the pitfall of having to play nightclub city (beta), a game that is still in its infancy. Or—Oops!– is that supposed to be a nightclub city secret?

                Anyway, for those who are serious players and those who want to learn every nightclub city trick, you really ought to search over the internet for a NightClub City guide that is said to contain all nightclub city secrets, just like the many you can locate about Farmville and other FB games.


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