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All successful web masters know that they need to optimize their pages and build links in order to improve their google page ranking. Optimizing key words, submitting to article directories, submitting to directories, and posting in blogs are all commonly used strategies for getting more search engine traffic. This article will go over the search engine optimization strategies that aren’t quite so popular and obvious.


The first thing your web site should do is to add pictures of whatever the site is about. Some web masters feel that because they haven’t taken any pictures themselves, that they should not have any on their sites. There are three common ways that you can easily get some great pictures for your website.


First you can go ahead and ask another web master for their pictures. Simply do a Google search for whatever picture you are looking for until you find one that suits you. You’ll then need to contact the web master and ask him or her if you can use the picture on your site. Sometimes people will say no, but it can’t hurt to ask.


Next you could go ahead to one of the many websites that sell pictures and buy a few. Many companies offer reasonable prices on very nice pictures.


If these two methods fail you can always get yourself a digital camera. You can get a camera at a very low price and may even get back some of your costs by selling a few pictures of your own.


Once you have your pictures you need to upload them onto your site and optimize them for seo purposes as well. You’ll need to put your key words in the alt tag and the title tag of the image to let the search engines know what your picture is.


The next overlooked strategy we need to talk about is profile building. It is a well known fact that making posts in forums is a great way to create back links, but not all niches have appropriate forums to post in. These people need to get a bit creative to receive back links from forums. The best thing to do is to go onto forums and put a link back to your website in the profile. You can create profiles on a wide of forums to get a multitude of back links from this source.


Those that do not wish to use up all of their precious time creating forum profiles can always go ahead and outsource this task. Many company’s seo plans include forum profile creation, and even if they don’t you can always ask them to do this to supplement your main package. Keep in mind that this isn’t always needed, so you may want to check with your seo partner first before deciding on doing it.


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