SEOPressor Plugin – Timesaver in WordPress SEO

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With SEO becoming so important in today’s marketing, so much extra time has to be taken on content of your posts, for them to be noticed by the search engines’ constantly changing, secretive algorithms. What if there was a WordPress SEO plugin which would save you some of that time, not to mention the stress, and improve the SEO on your page on auto-pilot ! A Brand new wordpress SEO Plugin that is destined to become mandatory for every self-respecting WordPress blogger, who cares about SEO qualities of their posts

Your WordPress blog is about to be revolutionized , with an awesome time-saving plugin from Daniel Tan , the SEOPressor. This brand new must-have tool evaluates each wordpress posts as you write it and ensures that it has appropriate keyword density, linking structure, text decorations, titles and several other factors are optimized for your post keyword to the maximum advantage.

Incorporating your keyword in your title is important, but if you use a title without the keyword, SEOPressor will include it in your title, so you will not forget it or will not have to remember to do it. The tool will then run through your text with a secret algorithm similar to Google’s , checking all the elements, calculating an SEO score and will automaticaly decorate the text with bold, strong, italicized tags just in the right places . This ability to write an SEO optimized post from the start, with most of the work done forr you automaticaly,  will save you a lot of time and will give you an upper hand over your competition

To make maximum effect with your on-page SEO, you need to control the positioning, density and text decoration of your keywords. A positive density would be between 2% – 5% of your word count; more than this would risk Search Engine penalties. Search Engines ma penalize you for overuse of decorations. Your linking structure is also reviewed, so the tool will examine that for you, as well as recalculating your post every time it changes, to reassign SEO scores.

A whole list of tasks necessary to achieve maximum SEO leverage, just add to the time and stress you need to spend on your page. This revolutionary plug-in do this for you automaticaly in a fraction of the time. You will be amazed at the power and speed at your fingertips to optimize your page. This innovative tool uses a proprietary ranking algorithm to push your on-page SEO to the limit; above 35% puts you well in the running to score high above your competitors.

This WordPress SEO plugin is rapidly becoming a must have tool ; to miss out would be to give your competitors the edge! Not only will the SEOPressor maximize the strength of your page, it will save you a lot of time. Get in on the ground floor and maximize your advantage.SEOPressor plugin is also available with grea bonuses from this site.


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